Exhibition runs September 11 - October 2

Ivonne Garcia's papercut works are stark, fantastical, evocative and something between spooky and reverential — not unlike a Shirley Jackson novel.

Her works often feature skulls, birds, serpents, botanicals, strange beasts and spiderwebs. And the contrast is lovely — almost all black and white, though there are sometimes splashes of color of shimmery metallics.

The Italian "la bella donna" (pictured above) translates to "beautiful woman," but it is also a nod to the poisonous plant belladonna, or deadly nightshade. Historically used to dilate the pupils for beauty, eating the berries could also be fatal. In this work, Garcia surrounds an outstretched, sword-pierced wrist with intricate leaves, using textured ivory paper against a black background. - KPBS