Informal Arrangements

We are pleased to present Informal Arrangements, a solo exhibition featuring new works by local multidisciplinary artist and designer, Daniel Hicks.

"Initially conceived as a series of personal design exercises, the eighteen "Informal Arrangements" compiled for this show utilize an assortment of found, printed, and repurposed materials (corrugated castaways, acrylic accidentals, print scraps, vintage film cartridges, etc.) to develop a range of abstract/geometric compositional concepts." - Daniel Hicks

Self-taught, Daniel spent two decades navigating the margins as a freelance graphic designer, operating primarily within the underground music and art scene, which he has interacted with and participated in since the late 1980s. Having transitioned away from client-based projects as of 2017, Daniel now focuses on further refining a purely nonrepresentational visual language that he applies to both his art and design projects.

Daniel Hicks (b. 1974, New York) currently works & resides in San Diego, Ca.