Jin Yung Kim

About the Project
"나는" (na-neun) or "I am" is the central theme of this exhibit. Do you ever dream of being part of a super team that fights giant monsters, or dream about living in the era of samurai? We fantasize about all these great things and for many, it will push us to become who we are today. Come and explore the art and subjects that helped me become who I am. 나는 mecha.  나는 samurai. 나는 super sentai. 나는....
Jin Yung Kim is an artist and designer based locally in Chula Vista. Growing up, he was heavily influenced by giant robots, mechas, samurais, anime, comics, and Asian culture. He adapted his love for eastern culture into his art that was developed through western teachings, coming up with fun ways to create eye catching images. Jin loves to create his works in various mediums from traditional pen and ink to making marks on a digital canvas. Sometimes even meshing traditional and digital together to mix up the workflow every now and then. He continues to push himself to reach new heights and burst through artistic boundaries by exploring, living life, and going back to his roots.