Sapin: Layers of Corrections

sapin • n. underlayer, protective underlayer - adv/prep. beneath, under, below

"We, as a collective, are relearning our ways. Some of us may hesitate to embrace the current paradigm shift, but nature has its way of molding us to follow its law. We have started digging deeper, from finding our own truths to rewriting history. Or discovering new ways and doing away with what no longer works. Even merging science with spirituality. I’m not an expert on these breakthroughs and therefore unable to expound on them, but I’m aware on a surface level of consciousness to be able to mention them. My point is: we are moving towards change, a different mindset, a different perspective. Either we go through it consciously and less painfully, or we’re forced to go through the unripe, unready, immature “bitter stage” before we ripen.

I have this habit of connecting macro ideas to minutiae, and in that process aspire to extract a nugget of divine wisdom. In school, I was taught that mathematical formulas should work from a simple to a complex equation, truth and wisdom should apply to everything, from the tiny details to the big picture. However, a mathematical formula is fixed and unyielding, in contrast to the process of painting. Painting for me on the other hand is a continuous effort to correct past mistakes. Laying brush strokes over brush strokes to find the eureka moment. Distilling honest truths from pretentious assumptions. Just as the artist adds and removes layers of paint to the canvas, thought processes are composed of layers as well. And as we go through life, we both add and remove layers continuously, discarding what we no longer need.

We, as a collective, are an art piece. And layer by layer, we will continue to correct ourselves until we become our masterpiece. It could be about adding layers. Or removing layers if they are no longer useful and necessary. All in aid of achieving the masterpiece." 

- Nonie Cruzado (Transcribed by Isa Halamani)