"As The Guam Artist Collective in the SoCal region, we are a group of various creatives hoping to be representations of what amazing talent the island has to offer. Whether we have native Chamorro blood, have roots in Guam, or have called Guam home, we all share a common passion to bring pride to our island while building a community of creatives out here. TGAC exhibit will be our first showcase to San Diego as a collective and include 10 artists of diverse disciplines, from 2D art, music, sculpture, and even augmented reality. You can expect a display of our individual styles and what it means to create a “home away from home”. We hope this show will help pave the way in building a bigger community of Guam artists here in the mainland and hopefully lead to more opportunities for all of us to share our talent with everyone." - TGAC

featuring all new work by:

Zard Apuya

Neeko David

Masan “Sampuu” Flores

Jason J.

Shaira Espino

Jerilyn Guerrero

Jenna Aguon Makaka-Bali Tres

Kenneth Paulino Jr.

Jubie Castor

Christian Leon Guerreo