Web of Life

Multidisciplinary artist Hilary Dufour explores the intricate relationships that exist among plants, animals and fungi in her show Web of Life. The series is an invitation to dig deeper, to learn more about the buzzing world around us, the natural systems at play that maintain equilibrium, including the more macabre parts that are easily glossed over. Her work has an emphasis on species that are native to the American Southwest, especially desert regions. Ink and acrylic paint are utilized to create surreal illustrations on toned tan paper.
Hilary Dufour is a San Diego based multidisciplinary artist. She received her BFA in Studio Art and Art History from UC Davis. She also received her Master's Degree in Geographic Information Systems Technology (GIST) from University of Arizona and works full-time as a GIS Analyst.
The natural world and the intricate relationships within ecosystems are a constant source of inspiration for her art. She studies flora and fauna to weave together their color, form and texture, often juxtaposed with the human figure - displaying the interconnectedness of all living things. Additionally, she enjoys using photography as a medium to capture moments that can be saved forever, whether posed or candid. With her photography and figure art, she strives to capture an individual's natural beauty and uniqueness and help them feel empowered. With her representations of flora and fauna, she hopes to inspire a greater appreciation for our diverse planet.